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Alabama Inmate Search and DOC Guide

Looking for information about the Alabama Inmate Search, Federal Search, Prison Locator, Mugshots, Inmate Lookup and Department of Correction (DOC). Then go through below details.

Here you will get the following information:

  • Alabama DOC Inmate Search
  • Alabama County Jails Details

How To Do Alabama DOC Inmate Search:

In order to to Alabama Dept Of Correction inmate search you have to follow below steps:

1. Open the home page of Alabama DOC Inmate Search

Alabama Department of Corrections

2. If you have AIS code (Alabama Institutional Serial) of the incarcerated inmate then enter that code else enter First name or last name of the inmate.

Enter Criteria and Hit Search

Note: Inmate Search and Population Totals do not include those inmates sentenced under the Youthful Offender Act.

3. Hit the search button and you will get your result based on you entered the inmate search.

Results Of Inmate Search

To find full details about Incarceration Details you have to click on Inmate Name links:

Some Important Codes For Alabama Inmate Search:

Code: Special sentence codes to explain records without release dates. The codes are as follows:
DR : Death Row
LW : Life Without Parole
LB : Life & Barred from Parole
LP : Life with Parole Possible
BP : Barred from Parole

Alabama Dept Of Correction Information:

Alabama Department of Corrections logoThe Alabama Department of Corrections, is the agency responsible for incarceration of convicted felons in the state of Alabama in the United States. It is headquartered in the Alabama Criminal Justice Center in Montgomery. Wikipedia
Founded: 3 February 1983
Population: 4,661,900 (2008 est.)
Abbreviation: ADOC
Operations jurisdiction*: State of Alabama, USA
Legal personality: Governmental: Government agency
Parent agency: Alabama Department of Corrections

Phone: 334-353-3883 (Central Office Switchboard)

Email: (For inmate related queries), (For Vicitm related queries)

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