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New Mexico Inmate Search

This article aims to provide information for individuals who are interested in finding someone who has been incarcerated within the New Mexico state prison system, federal prisons, county jails, and the New Mexico Department of Corrections. By reading this article, individuals will gain insight into the various resources available for New Mexico Inmate Search.

There is a population of approximately 18,000 individuals who are currently serving custodial sentences or are otherwise confined in New Mexico. These individuals are housed in a variety of correctional facilities throughout the state, with around 8,300 held in local jails, 7,100 in state prisons, 2,100 in federal prisons, and roughly 400 detained in youth facilities or undergoing involuntary commitment.

The number of people held in custody in New Mexicois not a constant value as individuals frequently enter and depart jails throughout the year. However, it’s safe to estimate that a minimum of 49,000 separate individuals pass through local jails in New Mexico at some point in time.

New Mexico DOC Inmate Search Website

The New Mexico Department of Corrections (NM DOC) provides an online search tool that allows the public to obtain information about inmates in New Mexico prisons. Here are the three simple steps to follow to access the NM DOC Inmate Search website:

Step 1: Go to the NM DOC Inmate Search Website

Begin by opening your preferred web browser and navigating to the NM DOC Inmate Search website. The website address is, or you can simply search for “New Mexico Department of Corrections Inmate Search” on your search engine.

Step 2: Enter the Inmate’s Information

Once you are on the NM DOC Inmate Search website, you can begin your search by entering the name and/or NMDOC number of the inmate you are looking for. If you are unsure of the correct spelling of the name, you can use the first few letters of the name and the system will search for possible matches.

Step 3: Review the Search Results

After entering the inmate’s information, click “Search.” If the inmate is in the system, the website will provide a list of all inmates with matching information. You can click on a particular name to access more information about the inmate, such as their incarceration location, sentencing information, and release date.

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